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TANDEM means

for people who want to study languages in a different way:

  • the opportunity to meet another person for conversation exchange, either while as taking a language course or independent of one. All of this in a network of language schools practically world-wide which open new paths towards languages, cultures and exchanges.

for people who are already studying in a TANDEM Network school:

  • ask about additional benefits (in some countries discounts).
Detailed information in the school nearest you .

for people interested in the methodological focus:

  • bibliography in cooperation with IFS of Marburg University, FRG
  • copying service that covers 70% of published and unpublished material
  • a record for the co-coordinating of research in progress about Tandem
  • advisory help for end of studies projects and doctorates
  • 'Tandem-Neuigkeiten', newsletter in exchange for your own publications
  • internships  in Tandem projects
  • brief presentations of the method, introductory and in-depth courses, modules on specific themes, to be carried out in your institution
  • the possibility of becoming a sponsor member

detailed information: at Tandem Foundation , Donostia/San Sebastián

if you work in TANDEM:

  • all language courses without charge in 'TANDEM® International' (according to space available; travel, room and board not included)
  • the opportunity to work in the network anywhere in the world under local conditions

detailed information: directly in the school in which you are interested

for public and similar entities:

  • academic congress 'International Tandem Conference'
  • admission to the Foundation Council, among other benefits
  • access to all material for individual Tandem or tandem language courses
  • 20% discount on all course prices in 'Tandem International' for all employees
  • 33% discount on all Foundation training courses
detailed information: in Tandem Foundation , Donostia/San Sebastián

for language schools and similar institutions :

  • introductory courses or access to self-study material in terms of organization, finances and marketing.
  • licenses for using the TANDEM® trademark and material as well as many other benefits.
For detailed information contact Tandem Foundation .

And if what you are looking for is not in this list,

ask at the nearest TANDEM-school ,

and if the school doesn't offer what you want,

ask at the TANDEM Foundation !

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