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TANDEM Foundation

In order to improve academic cooperation and ongoing teacher training, most of the tandem users themselves established the Foundation "TANDEM Fundazioa", with its main office located in Donostia/San Sebastián, in the Basque Country. It began functioning on January 1, 1994. Trademark rights, first held by Michael Friedrich, the Cooperative in Madrid "Centro Cultural Hispano Alemán TANDEM" and Jürgen Wolff, were thus taken over by the Foundation. For further information about the tandem method and for those who want to become a member or licensee, the Foundation is to be consulted. It was recognized as a Charity by order number 2698 of the Basque Ministry of Culture on July 11, 1994, as published on page 9013 of the Basque Government Bulletin, and is allowed to accept tax deducible donations.

Goals and fields of work

Its goals are to improve understanding between peoples and promote intercultural exchange by means of pilot courses, documentation and diffusion of materials, teacher training and international project networks, especially in the areas of:

German and other widely used languages:
development of self-instruction materials for elementary and intermediate levels and teacher training courses in cooperation with the Goethe Institute; testing of new course methods, especially 'German by Exchange'; distribution of “German as a foreign language” material.

Basque and other minority languages:
development of self-instruction materials and consulting for the setting up of self access centers; training for learning techniques and teacher training for 'ikastola's and 'euskaltegi's; training for the use of the data base for cross-border exchange programmes 'Mugaz Gain' between North and South Basque Country - useful also in other border areas.

Training programmes:
training for methodology for all needs and levels, from nursery schools to university, introductory course and self access package for tandem users in different settings, e.g. antiracist 'Interkultur-Tandem' and multilingual 'Babylonia-Tandem'; research registry and material bank; offers for language teachers about such topics as news forms of learning, study techniques, memo techniques, reading comprehension, intercultural communication, autonomous learning, multilingualism; language learning by exchange in presence of the partners or via E-mail; support of the "International TANDEM Conference" in collaboration with academic institutions

Provides a contact address for new members and licensees; handles the trademarks and copyrights; development and promotion of quality criteria for tandem intermediation; serves as a clearinghouse in terms of tandem methodology for everyone being interested.

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