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Responsible for this website:
TANDEM Fundazioa
PK/Apdo 864
E-20080 Donostia / San Sebastián

E-Mail: tandem@tandem-f.org
Tel: 0034 943 322 062 (10-13 h)
Fax: 0034 943 322 062

Headquarters: E-Donostia / San Sebastián
Tax number: (ES) G 20 471 587


  • Tandem is a registered trademark belonging to the Tandem Fundazioa and protected by copyright.
  • The term 'TandemCity' was developed by Jürgen Wolff and used by Tandem Fundazioa, Tandem International and Tandem Community, and is a registered trademark of Tandem Fundazioa.
  • The 'bike' logo was designed by Michael Friedrich for Tandem Madrid and is a registered trademark of Tandem Fundazioa.
  • The green-lilac spiral was developed by Benno Simma for alphabeta and made available to Tandem Fundazioa as a symbol for the Tandem Net. It is registered as a trade mark of Tandem Fundazioa.
  • This web has been designed by Ludger Müller, www.artbeit.de .


TANDEM Fundazioa is responsible for the following webs of their own:

We take no responsibility for the content of links and do not enter into correspondence with regard to them.

Data Protection

Tandem Fundazioa does not collect data of visitors to its Webs, except for:

  1. the keywords which you use on the search engine Freefind are listed (but no data concerning you, your computer, or your IP) in order to adapt the contents of the Web to the needs of the users.
  2. if you send us an order or subscribe to the mailing list, we store the email and, if necessary, the postal address.

These data are not passed on to other organizations. You can ask with the Web master which of your details have been stored and then correct or delete them as you wish. No cookies, etc. are used.

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